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The innovations of the Japanese Dart Companies are beginning to impact the international dart market. They have expanded soft tip darts beyond Asia, but the biggest impact of the Japanese dart companies is the continuing popularity of the molded plastic flights.

The initial use of the molded plastic flights was limited to the soft tip market endorsed by no less than 15 active Japanese dart companies. The Japan dart market is a huge market that can accommodate multiple dart companies. From the Japanese market the molded plastic flight expanded to dominate the Asian market. The expansion of the molded plastic came with the expansion of the soft tip dart machines in Asia. The Philippine market is an Asian exception being a steel tip market, but slowly molded plastic is gaining popularity.

In the USA market, molded plastic has 30% share while the European and Australia-NZ markets are still heavily using traditional flights also called “foldable” and “paper flights”, though major inroad and shift in the molded plastic are beginning to be felt. The increase in usage of the molded plastic flights is further encouraged by the distribution of the traditional companies such as Target, Harrows and Puma generating more interest.

Though molded plastic fights are being used in the soft tip market it is slowly gaining users in the steel tip markets as the advantage of the plastic flight is being realized through experience.

The market trend is clear:

“More players are testing the molded plastic and end up staying with the plastic flight”. The only major resistance is the perception that the molded plastic is expensive.

The use of the molded plastic flights goes beyond being fashionable and faddish. It offers distinct advantages over the traditional flights.


Rationale of the Molded Plastic Flights

The shift in usage comes along with a distinct advantage that the molded plastic flights offer. Molded plastic flight maintains its 90 degree angle continuously and the problem of “tweeking” or squaring the flights in between throws seen with traditional flights is eliminated. This 90 degree angle provides consistency in aerodynamic dart trajectory and minimizes changes in aerodynamic trajectory as the traditional flights lose its 90 degree angle. Maintaining the 90 degree angle is a basic attribute and feature of being a plastic flight compared with the traditional flights.

Molded Plastic Flight Industry

The leading molded plastic manufacturers and distributors are the Japanese companies lead by L Stlye and Fit Flights made by Cosmo darts.

L Style offers a basic flight design as a traditional flight but only made of plastic to maintain the 90 degree angle. To eliminate popping out of the shaft they introduced the punching of holes in the flight to accommodate the shaft protectors such as the stem rings, aluminum band, champagne and shell lock rings. The champagne and shell lock rings also eliminate “robin-hooding”. Designed as a traditional flight it fits into the regular shafts such as nylons and crystal shafts.

Fit Flights made by Cosmo Darts introduced the Fit Flight plastic flights designed with a capsule shaft protector but with a customized shaft to lock into the flight slot. The flight and shaft combination can be fixed or with rotating flights. The customized shaft can be as expensive as the flight.

Other minor plastic flight manufacturers are EVA Darts and Joker Driver.

Different types of molded plastic flights were introduced with varying thickness and shapes. Some plastic flights were so thin it almost loses its 90 degree angle.

Robson Plus Flights

Robson Sportscraft is launching the Plus Flight in response to the demand of the Philippine market for the molded plastic flights. The Plus Flight is designed to minimize added cost and to eliminate the inconvenience seen in using other plastic flights.


The built-in shaft protector eliminates the inconvenience and cost of punching holes for the shaft protector such as stem rings, aluminum band, champagne and shell lock rings. These holes further weaken the flight that may lead to tearing and ripping of the plastic. The built-in capsule protector protects the shaft and eliminate robin-hooding through its basic design.




The universal shaft slot eliminates the cost of using expensive specialized shafts to fit the flight and eliminates the inconvenience of adjusting to using the specialized shafts that comes with other designs. Any regular nylon and crystal flights will tightly fit the Plus Flight and other types of shafts also fit the slot. The universal shaft slot makes the Plus Flight very cost effective.


The Plus Flight is designed with a reinforced wing protector to minimize the tearing and ripping of plastic flights. By reinforcing the most common site of ripping in the plastic flight the Plus Flight is more durable and will last longer than other plastic flights.

The built-in flight protector protects the flight from robin-hooding and helps fortify the 90 degree angle of the wing span. The thickness of the wing span appropriately meets the need to maintain the cross-form of the 90 degree angle.
Size : Standard

Wing Span : 35.00 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.80 grams
Colors : Black, Orange, Violet, Clear White,
Red, White, Blue
Size : Standard Small

Wing Span : 31.80 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.70 grams
Colors : White, Green, Blue, Pink,
Yellow, Black
Size : F-Shape

Wing Span : 31.50 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 40.50 mm
Weight : 0.65 grams
Colors : Black, White, Orange, Violet, Clear White,
Green, Pink, Blue
Size : Slim

Wing Span : 23.70 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 43.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.63 grams
Colors : Black, White, Red,
Blue, Orange, Green
Size : Astra

Wing Span : 33.50 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 43.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.67 grams
Colors : Black, White, Red,
Blue, Orange, Pink
The Robson Plus Flight is available at:

A-Z Darts
5154 Auburn Blvd., Suite C
Sacramento, CA 95841
Tel NO.: 877-602-3278


Embassy Benelux
Nijverheidstraat 4
2671 DJ Naaldwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031174628578
Email: sales@bullsdarts.com
Website: www.bulls.nl


Robson Asia
Email: robsonplusasia@gmail.com
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