• Triagular Rack
  • Diamond Rack
  • Plastic Triagular Rack
  • Plastic Diamond Rack
  • Billiard Gloves
  • Billiard Gloves Striped
  • Joint Protector
  • QR Joint Protector
  • High Bridge Head
  • Regular Bridge Head
  • Metal High Bridge
  • Metal Regular Bridge
  • Metal Snooker X Bridge
  • Fiber Ferrule
  • Cue Bumper
  • Tip Tapper
  • Tip Pik
  • Cue Hanger
  • Knife Rail Brush
  • Tip Cement
  • Weight Bolt 1oz.
  • Weight Bolt 2oz.
Racks are used to organize billiard balls at the beginning of a game. There are two kinds of racks, the triangular-shaped and the diamond-shaped racks.
Triangular-shaped racks are used for eight-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, bank pool, snooker and many other games.
Diamond-shaped racks are made for the game of nine-ball.

Billiard Gloves
Shaft Smootheners for better glide performance.

Joint Protector / Quick Release Joint Protector
The purpose of joint protectors is to protect the joint from sustaining damage to the threads. These are usually made of plastic or metal. The sizes of joint protectors vary and depend on the joint diameter size and the joint pitch

High Bridge Head / Regular Bridge Head / Snooker X Bridge Head
The bridgehead is an apparatus attached to another cue stick that enables the player to extend his reach (bridge) across the table.

Fiber Ferrule
Shock absorber of the shaft, absorbs impact of the stroke thus protects the shaft from the shock of the stroke. It also protects the end of the shaft from splintering.
The length of the ferrules influences the power of the cue ball. Shorter ferrule produces less shock absorption thus has more power. Longer ferrules has more shock absorption thus has less power. Robson Ferrules are 1 inch long.

Bumper Cues
Protects the cue from shocks and damage when stood between shots. These are the rubber bumpers in lowest end of the butt. Robson Bumpers are screw type.

Chalk Retention Aids
Purpose to roughen cue tips to retain cue chalk
Tip Tapper - Taps the tips to make it rough.
Tip Pik - needle points prick the surface; useful for breaking in new tips; lasts longer.

Cue Hanger
The cue hanger is a rubber holder for cue sticks. This is attached at the tip end of the shaft and hung vertically. This prevents the cue stick from warping and for getting damaged at the joint (especially if the cue stick is just leaned against a wall).

Knife Rail Brush
The knife rail brush is a cleaning tool for hard-to-reach areas of a billiard table (the undersides of the raised rubber around the billiard table (banda). The brush helps rid the billiard table of accumulated chalk, dust and lint which impedes the roll of the cue balls.

Tip Cement
Adhesive used for replacing cue tip of a stick.

Weight Bolts 1oz. / Weight Bolts 2oz
Weight of the cue stick can be weight adjustable by changing the weight bolts, which are inside the lower end of the butt.
Weight bolts are screw types, thus heavier weights have longer length.
A heavier cue does not need to move as fast as a lighter cue to exert the same amount of energy on the cue ball. A lighter cue will offer superior cue ball speed control, because more of the energy created by the stroke is due to speed. A heavier cue will offer superior accuracy, because directional control is easier to maintain with the slower stroke.